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Island House Press

Introducing Island House Press
Bent On Futurology is pleased to be the temporary online source of information on behalf of Island House Press. Registered in 2019, it is a small Toronto-based publishing house in the early stages of growth. An independent website platform is under development and will be launched in the early Spring of 2020. Its mission includes publications across various genres that are supportive of cultural and economic development, including but not limited to, ongoing presentations at The publishers are excited that Economics Actually (ISBN: 978-1-9992642-0-8) will be the launch book for the press in January, 2020. Several other books have been reviewed and planned for publication in 2020.

"Quinn and Benton’s tapestry of clear explanations, concrete examples, insightful analyses, sound arguments, pithy criticisms, and sensible suggestions certainly provide the needed basis to get us on our way to conceiving and realizing sane and sustainable economies and lives."

− Professor Bruce Anderson,
Sobey School of Business, St. Mary's University, Halifax, Canada


− Professor Michael Shute,
Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NFLD
(Author of Lonergan's Discovery of the Science of Economics &
Lonergan's Early Economic Research)


November 17, 2019
For further information, please contact the publishers, Terrance Quinn and John Benton, at
Toronto ON, Canada, M5A 0C2
ISBN Prefix: 978-1-9992642